Panner Schezwan

What: Panner Schezwan pizza cone

Where: Chimney Ghar

Address: G-25,Four point complex,Vip road,Vesu, Surat

Review: It was super delicious pizza cone I ever had. The cone was soft from inside & crispy from outer layer. It was filled with cheesy schezwan sauce with seasoning of chilly flakes and oregano with panner chunks which was fresh. It was topped with grated cheese and the bottom base of the cone was the hidden surprise with contained cheese filling.




So Cheeseyano

What : so cheeseyano burger

Where : Burger Boulevard

Address: G-38, Highfield Ascot, oppo. the palm Avenue, VIP road, Vesu,Surat.

Review: The buns were fresh which had crispy potato patty with veggies like corn,spring onions,carrot,lettuce, tomato,onion, jalapeno loaded with delicious melted cheese. It was the cheesiest and sauciest burger I’ve ever had. It was too yum .💕

Rating: 5/5

pizza thunder

What : pizza thunder

Where: Potato hut

Address: 41, ground floor, four point,near maniba party plot, VIP road, Vesu, Surat.

Review : We had a baked potato which was stuffed with veggies and cheese. It was garnished with black olives and mayonnaise and spiced with chilly flakes.

Rating: 3.5/5

Cheesy pull Apart bread

What : cheesy pull apart bread

Where: Cream ‘N’ Crust café

Address: G-38 , prime shoppers, opp. safal sq., University road, Vesu, Surat.

Review: A loaf of bread cut into layers & filled with 2 delicious flavours of mozzarella cheese that stretches wonderfully as you pull each piece out. It was topped with 3 delicious flavours of sauces (i.e. salsa, cheesy and pesto sauce). served with home made tomato dip. It was up to mark as mentioned in their menu.

Rating: 8/10

Barbeque cheddar fries

What : Barbeque cheddar fries

Where: Let’s meet cafe

Address: G-30,safal sq.,opp. jolly party plot , Vesu, Surat.

Review: Basically we had fries having lots and lots of cheddar cheese sauce & barbeque sauce. Garnished with fresh green onions on it. Totally loving it!!! One of my fav fries from their menu 💗😋.